What is our tool for?

Verstka allows the designer easily to create interactive articles with the dynamic layout without programmers participation.

How can I try Verstka?

To get acquainted with the tool, we have a demo version, where Verstka is integrated into the simplest blogging platform. After logging in facebook you can create some articles. You can export articles in a zip or HTML file,in this case, images will be encoded in the same file in the format of "base64". The demo version does not allow you to use your own set of fonts and edit the mobile version.

What does Verstka return on output?

When you click the Save button, Verstka returns HTML articles to the publisher’s site, pictures in the original and compressed format and service data: user information, article ID, digital signature, etc. All you need is to save these fields.

Moreover, an asynchronous code for the “launch” of the article is placed on the article page: it loads all the necessary styles and scripts. We prefer to keep them at home, because the tool is being improved during all the time, new functionality is being added, compatibility with new versions of browsers is increased. However, at any time we are ready to transfer the current versions for the local distribution.

How to integrate Verstka into the site?

For the Verstka integration we have: API and SDK for PHP and JavaScript. The API allows backend-integration with any site in any language. The JavaScript SDK also simplifies the integration on any backend, but it contains a number of limits. We also have a plugin for WordPress.

How much does it cost to connect to Verstka?

A commercial license implies an extended support, teaching the new tool features and standard controls customization in the style of your site.

You can also add additional objects and tools for your needs. The price of such modifications is calculated individually.

Why choose SaaS solution?

This is dictated by the pace of Internet development, as a platform for content publishing. Regularly, new opportunities appears in the format of providing data, constantly changing functionality and interfaces of browsers. If the code for displaying and editing content will be concentrated in one place,on the one hand it allows to introduce new functions and formats quickly, on the other hand, to ensure that previously published content is displayed as expected.

How to add your content to the content area, such as a banner?

The Verstka API allows you easily to add your own objects to the toolbar; in the tool itself, such an object can be positioned on the page. When an article is displayed on your site, it’s enough to replace its label with the dynamic element you need.

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